Data Breaches

Anthem Health data breach exposed 80 million identities. No encryption was used for Social Security numbers, addresses and email, phone numbers and income data. Affected customers are at risk.

A LifeLock membership can help to protect your identity and financial information. It goes way beyond simple credit monitoring.

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LifeLock has again proven to be the most trusted name in identity theft protection. The National Rifle Association (NRA) has teamed up with LifeLock to offer their services to members. An endorsement from an association of this caliber [pun intended :-)] is just another reason why you should trust LifeLock to keep your identity safe from thieves. if you aren't an employee or member of the NRA, you can still get the same LifeLock discount of 10% and your first 30 days Risk-Free* to try it out by using the LifeLock promotion code '10Now'.

Security breaches continue to get worse - they've become almost commonplace to read or hear about in the news. The IRS has revised it's number of taxpayer identities stolen to 724,000. Behind each one of those identities is a human face with a real life that could be seriously affected. Even the President recently (2/9/2016) wrote an editorial in the Wall Street Journal about cyberthreats.

Cyber security is a huge problem that you can't protect yourself from. Wireless data transmissions have become commonplace in the business world and hackers keep finding ways to tap into those transmissions to steal sensitive information.

Another way security breaches occur is through loss of laptops that contain a gold mine of personal information. This is something that happens through human error and poor judgment from employees who regularly use these computers.

Believe it or not, good old fashioned stealing from mailboxes still happens. Most mailboxes aren't lockable and there is a wealth of information available about finances that passes through them including credit card offers just waiting to be opened.

Phishing attacks through email is still commonplace. Hackers like to target company employees with an official and normal looking email. When they succeed, the jackpot is access to W-2 forms. This puts all affected people at risk for tax refund fraud. Seagate, Snapchat and GCI are a few of the most recent victims in early 2016.

Companies whose security is breached tend to use reactive measures to attempt to minimize the theft as opposed to proactive ways to protect their employees and customer's account numbers, social security numbers and other important info. Now unfortunately, government databases including the IRS have been hacked.

You can be extremely careful with your own information and still get that dreaded letter in the mail saying your info was involved in the latest breach. If that should happen to you, run, don't walk, and get protected immediately before the bad guys get you.

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